Zadar Airport has grown in importance since Ryanair arrived in 2007. A guide to flights, parking, transfers, car rental and more.

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Getting from the airport to Zadar – bus transfers

Liburnija Zadar runs the bus services from Zadar to the airport. Buses to the airport start at 05:30. They leave firstly from the old town bus station at Liburnska Obala, then stopping at the main bus station (platform 8). Tickets are 25 kuna one-way, and this includes luggage.

The departure point from the airport into town is the front gate of the international arrivals terminal. The bus timetable is available online.

Taxi and Uber from Zadar Airport

Taxis are available 24/7, and the taxi stand is in front of the international arrivals exit. The taxi price can vary but should be in the range of 170 kuna. Alternatively, the ride-sharing app, Uber, operates in the region. Simply order your ride via their app.

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Private transfers to the airport

If you are looking to arrange a private transfer to or from the airport, please contact us on [email protected] Subject Transfer.

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Driving to Zadar Airport

Driving to the airport should present few problems. The route form the city is fairly straightforward and should not take more than 20 minutes. If you are coming by motorway from further afield, then exit the A1 motorway at exit Zadar 2. Then follow signs to the airport.

Parking at Zadar Airport

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With almost 600 parking spaces available, finding a spot to park will not be a problem. The first ten minutes are free, the first hour is charged at 20 kuna, 10 kuna for the second hour and then down to 5 kuna. Payment can be done in cash or by credit card. For more information on parking and pricing, visit the airport website page.

Who flies to Zadar?

The airport is currently served by the following airlines: Austrian Airlines, Titan Airways, Flybe/Stobart Air, Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa, easyJet, Eurowings, Luxair, LOT, Ryanair, Skywork and Vueling.

Which destinations connect with Zadar?

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The arrival of Ryanair in 2007 revolutionised air travel in Zadar, and the former Dalmatian capital now has an enviable selection of destinations during the season. For more details, check out the official route map above.

Airport car rental in Zadar

As one would expect for such a busy tourist airport, there are plenty of rent a car options at the airport in Zadar. With more than 20 companies vying for your business, you should be able to get a good deal. The full list of car rental agencies is on the airport website.

Getting to Split from the airport in Zadar

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Despite the popularity of Split as a destination from the airport, there is no organised transfer. Your options are to organise a private transfer (contact us at [email protected] Subject Zadar) or take a bus into Zadar, and then a connecting bus to Split, which takes about three hours.

From Zadar Airport to Dubrovnik

As with Split, there is no scheduled service connecting the airport to Dubrovnik. Contact us at [email protected] Subject Zadar if you need a private transfer.

Arrivals at Zadar

Zadar is a popular arrivals point on the Dalmatian coast. The arrival of Ryanair in 2007 meant that many booked flights from London to Zadar for onward travel to Split and the islands. Party destinations such as Tisno and Novalja are also very accessible. Flights from Manchester and Dublin to Zadar now accompany the London flights.

You can monitor the latest arrivals schedule on the airport website.

Departures from Zadar

Although the airport is small, recommended check-in times for international flights are three hours, but just one hour for domestic flights.

You can check the status of scheduled departures.

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An overview of facilities at the airport in Zadar

Despite being a relatively small airport, Zadar covers all the basic facilities well. There is a cafe and a restaurant, shop and duty-free, a business lounge and free WiFi. To catch the Internet, simply search for the network Zadar Airport (Free), and then upload your gorgeous holiday snaps to Instagram.

Hotels near the airport in Zadar

There are no airport hotels in Zadar, and there is no real need with the city being so close. If you want to be out of the city and closer to the airport, the village of Bibinje on the water is your best bet.

What is the airport code for Zadar?

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The airport code for Zadar is ZAD (LDZD).

Airport statistics for Zadar

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The arrival of Ryanair in 2007 was the catalyst for the airport’s transformation, and the city has not looked back since. As you can see from the Wikipedia table above, there were just 65,000 passengers in 2006, the year before Ryanair commenced operations. That number passed the 600,000 mark in 2018, and you can see more statistics on the airport website.

Zadar Airport – useful numbers

Zadar Airport, Ulica I/2A, 23222 Zemunik Donji, P.P. 367, HR-23000 Zadar, [email protected]

Information –  060 355-355 for calls within the national network. The price of call 1,74 HRK per minute for calls from a fixed line and 2,96 HRK for calls from a mobile network. Telephone +385 23 205 917 for calls outside Croatia

Airport Police Station – +385 23 205 821

Lost and found +385 23 205 904 [email protected]

Internal Terminal Customs Office at the airport  – +385 23 282 355, +385 23 205 823

History of the airport in Zadar

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Zadar has had international flights since 1936 when the former Italian airline Air Littoria flew to the former Dalmatian capital.

Today’s airport is located about 8km east of the city at Zemunik Donji and was opened in 1968. The airport proved a great addition to Zadar, handling over 150,000 passengers annually in 1976, for example. The Homeland War in the 1990s decimated life at the airport, and it has taken a long time for Zadar to recover.

As you can see from the lead photo, the airport taxiway crossed a public road, although this has been closed since 2010. The arrival of Ryanair in 2007 completely transformed Zadar’s fortunes. And once one budget carrier arrived, so too came others. 2018 was the biggest year in Zadar’s history, with more than 600,000 passengers.

For more information, visit the official airport website.

Keep up with the latest news from Zadar.

To get the latest flight news from Zadar and the rest of Croatia, follow the TCN flights page.

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