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A look at religion in Croatia, a very Catholic country. Other faiths, holy days, religious education in school, politics and the Catholic Church.
The Croatian diaspora is spread all over the world. A history of emigration, the size of emigre communities & a complicated relationship with the homeland.
Croatia may be a small country, Croatian inventions and discoveries have shaped the world over the ages. From Nikola Tesla to Mate Rimac and much more.
The currency in Croatia is Croatian kuna (HRK), but since Croatia is a tourist country many businesses also accept the euro (EUR). In this article you will find an overview…
When are the public holidays in Croatia 2021? Learn more about the specific Croatian holidays and which facilities around the country close or remain open.  Public Holidays in Croatia 2021…
It may be a relatively small country, but Croatia punches above its weight on the world stage in so many ways. Here are ten things Croatia does better than anyone…
A look at the weather in Croatia: What will the sea and air temperature be on your holiday, weather records in Croatia, and meet the bura and jugo winds.
Tipping in Croatia - should you? How much, when and where? A look at tipping culture from both the customer and the waiter, and meet the Book of Complaints.
Why Croatia? The hottest tourist destination in Europe has something for everyone. Culture, food, wine, tradition, festivals, UNESCO, nature, party and adrenaline tourism!
Filming in Croatia has a tradition which pre-dates Game of Thrones by almost a century. Many a famous movie was shot here: a look at locations and movies.
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