What You Need To Know

Croatian olive oil is among the best in the world. Where to buy it, how to taste it, olive harvest opportunities, and Istrian oil compared to Dalmatia.
Croatian food made global headlines when Anthony Bourdain discovered it in 2012. Recipes, regions, restaurants, festivals, traditions and UNESCO heritage.
Home to 130 indigenous varieties including the original Zinfandel, an overview of the fascinating world of Croatian wine. Meet the grapes of Croatia, 130 indigenous varietiesThe wine regions of CroatiaWhich…
A look at the turbulent Croatian politics and history of this newly independent state. Just over 30 years old, modern Croatia has had quite a start.
Living in Croatia is a much different experience to a summer holiday. Some tips of paperwork, finding a home, job, friends, bank account, internet and more.
Rakija is one of the great fabrics of Croatian society. Hard liquor made from various fruits, made better by adding so much other stuff, such as herbs, mistletoe, figs... All…
How much is a beer in Croatia? What are the best local brands? Where are the festivals and what is the craft beer scene like? Meet the Croatian beer scene.
Where is Croatia? Geographically, politically, economically? Where does it rank globally on transparency, press freedom, competitiveness, LGBT rights & more.
When to visit Croatia? Croatia is Full of Life, 12 months a year. Find out which month is for you, depending on your personality.
The Croatian language is not an easy one to learn, but why not try? How and where to learn, a look at those pesky dialects and some common mistakes.
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