Travelling through Split Airport? All you need to know, from buses from Split, taxi prices, private transfers, parking, flights, and will you make the ferry?

split airport local bus 37

Getting from Split Airport to Split – bus transfers

There are two bus options to ferry passengers between the airport and the city:

  • The airport bus shuttle operated by Pleso Prijevoz. Travel time is advertised as 30 minutes, and the cost is 30 kuna. You can see the departure times from Split Bus Station (platform one). Here is the timetable from the airport to Split Bus Station (which is right next to both the train station and the ferry).  the shuttle is located to the right as you exit the airport terminal, and you can buy tickets from the driver. Contact details – +385 21 2031190 [email protected]. The bus usually does not leave until it is full, which can be frustrating, especially for those looking to make the last ferry. 
  •  You can also choose local buses No. 37 (Split – Trogir; Trogir – Split) and No. 38 (Split Airport – Kastel Stari – Split; Split – Kastel Stari – Split Airport). The buses pick up and drop off in Split at the local bus station Sukoišan, and on the main road outside of the airport terminal. You should plan at least an hour for each journey. Tickets can be purchased on the bus (with cash or coins) or at any Tisak counter. Ticket prices are 17 kuna. 

Taxi and Uber from Split Airport

An overview of taxi prices as we found them. Always agree the price before you get in the taxi. 

Go Green Taxi (021 772 772): Fixed price of 230 kuna (peak season)Go Green Taxi (021 772 772): Fixed price of 230 kuna (peak season)

Cammeo (021 313 313): Fixed price of 190 kuna (peak season)

Radio Taxi Split (021 473 737): Radio Taxi said that the price is about 180 kuna for Croatians, but for foreigners – 280 kuna. The 280 kuna price is on their website as part of their summer price list, while the winter price to the airport is 180 kuna

Uber (mobile application): Prices between Split and Split Airport range between 225 and 270 kuna in peak season, and in winter between 120 and 160 kuna. Pro tip: Uber is also considerably cheaper if you take it from a road by the airport!

You can find taxis parked immediately upon exiting the airport, and the major taxi stands in the center of Split at Prokurative, Terminal F, the main Split bus station, and Prima 3 by HNK.

Private transfers to the airport from Split

If you are looking for a private transfer, you can book them directly on Solo Transfer.

Driving to Split Airport

split airport drive to split

The drive to the airport from Split has become a lot less stressful since the upgrade on the road between the two was completed last year. On a clear day, the 24km drive from the ferry will take you about 30 minutes. Plan more time than this, especially in season. If you are coming along the motorway from the north, exit at Prgomet, following the signs for Trogir. You will go through some hilly terrain, but it will be a lot quicker than taking the Split exit and then going back on yourself. 

Parking at Split Airport

Firstly, the good news – parking at the airport in Split is free! At least for now, while work is ongoing on the new terminal. It is scheduled to open in July 2019, after which normal prices will apply. These include a free 15 minutes to drop off your loved one, followed by 20 kuna an hour for the first few hours. For a full breakdown of parking prices, check the airport parking page.

Who flies to Split?

At the time of writing of this article (December 2018), there were no less than 48 airlines flying to Split – see the list below. A lot of these carriers work seasonally, although that season is getting longer. The airport keeps an updated list of carriers


Air Baltic


Air France


Air Serbia

ASL Airlines

Brathens Regional Aviation

British Airways
Cello AviationCLJ

Czech Airlines


Enter Air








KLM Cityhopper KLM
Ryanair Charters Dept.RYRFR
Silver AirSLD

Small Planet Lithuiania LLC S5

Thomas Cook Airlines


Thomas Cook Airlines ScandinaviaVKGDK

Trade Air



TUI Airlines BelgiumJAFTB


TUIfly Nordic BLX6B




Vueling Airlines


Which destinations connect with Split?


Split is now connected to over 100 destinations during the summer, a huge increase in recent years, as the airport has crashed through the 3 million passenger mark. There is no destination route map on the airport website, but Flight Radar 24 have a very cool service, showing all the upcoming routes over the next 7 days. This was written in December, so things are fairly quiet, but check out the site for the latest information – it will soon be very busy again.

Airport car rental in Split

 As you would expect with such a busy airport, the car rental business is very competitive. There are no less than 14 rent a car companies in the Split terminal. The airport website has the full list.

From the airport to the islands – will I make the ferry?

One of the great stresses of arriving in Split in the evening for many tourists is whether or not they will make the last ferry to their island of choice. After years of living on Hvar, with its last ferry at 20:30, I have heard of many tourists spending an impromptu first night in Split, as there was not enough time to get to the ferry from the airport. 

So, will you make it? My experience is that if you are on the bus and heading into Split with 45 minutes left, you have a fighting chance of making it. Any less time, and you can forget it, unless you throw money at a taxi driver and ask him to drive like hell. 

It remains to be seen how much quicker things are with the new terminal opening in 2019, but many tourists have been frustrated by the time it takes to get through passport control and baggage reclaim. All I can say is that there are no guarantees, and I wish you luck. But having said that, there are worse places in the world to be marooned than Split. 

Arrivals at Split

Looking to see if a flight is on time before you go to pick up your loved one from the airport? Split has flight arrival information in real time here. The full schedule of arrivals in the coming days is also available online.

The summer schedule for 2019 is not yet available, but here is the Split winter schedule 2018/19.

Departures from Split

Check-in for international departures is two hours before the flights, 90 minutes for domestic departures. The latest information on imminent departures is offered online by the airport.

Some airlines allow web check-ins in Split. Find out if your airline makes the cut with these web check-in guidelines.

An overview of facilities at the airport in Split

Split has a fair amount of facilities, and the maps of the two floors above and below give an overview of what is available and where.

split airport map

Hotels near the airport in Split

There are no hotels at the airport, but there are plenty of options in Split itself, but also in Trogir. The old town of Trogir is a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site, located just 10 minutes from the airport. 

From Split Airport to Trogir

Take the local 37 bus to Trogir from the airport. The bus will pick up on the main road outside of the airport terminal. You can find the bus schedule here.  A taxi from the airport to Trogir will cost around 100 kuna.

What is the airport code for Split?

The airport code for Split is SPU (LDSP).

Do seaplanes still fly from Split?

On August 27, 2014, modern European aviation history was made at Resnik, just down the road from the airport. European Coastal Airlines took off in a Twin Otter from the nearby bay, arriving in Jelsa 15 minutes later. The flight was the first scheduled seaplane flight in modern European history. 

The seaplanes were a popular choice with tourists, and they also landed at the airport with their amphibious aircraft. Sadly, the service is no longer offered, and the company is now in pre-bankruptcy proceedings. Will seaplanes fly again in Split? There have been many rumours, but nothing concrete. Here is what an aviation expert had to say about the future of seaplanes in Croatia

The new airport terminal in Split (opening in 2019)

split airport new terminal

The huge surge in passenger number has necessitated a facelift for the airport. Work is currently ongoing for a brand new terminal, which is scheduled to open in 2019. The 350 million kuna upgrade should greatly improve the transit experience when it opens. Learn more about the new Split terminal.

Airport statistics for Split

split airport statistics

And still they keep on coming… The growth of passenger traffic through the airport has been phenomenal, with Split breaking through the 3 million passenger barrier in 2018, almost exactly double the traffic just five years ago. And with the new passenger terminal set to open in July 2019, who knows how this chart will look in another five years. 

Split Airport – useful numbers

Information – ++385 (0)21 203 507, ++385 (0)21 203 508, [email protected] – ++385 (0)21 203 507, ++385 (0)21 203 508, [email protected]

Lost & Found – ++385 (0)21 203 218  [email protected] ;Commercial Department – Tel: ++385 (0)21 203 339 [email protected]

Duty Station Manager – ++385 (0)21 203 231 [email protected] –  ++385 (0)21 203 331 [email protected]

split airport runway

History of the airport in Split

The first airport to service Split way back in 1931 still exists today. The grass airfield in Sinj connected the city to Zagreb, Belgrade, Rijeka and Sarajevo. Interestingly, Split also has a seaplane station at Divulje back then, long before the arrival of European Coastal Airlines. 

The airport was relocated to its current location of Resnik in the 1960s, and it opened in November 1966. The planned capacity of 150,000 was quickly shown to be too conservative, as there were 235,000 passengers just three years later. 

A new terminal was constructed and opened in 1979 to coincide with the 8th Mediterranean Games, which were held in the same year. Split broke the 1.5 million passenger barrier in 1987, but disaster was about to strike. The Homeland War from 1991-95 reduced the airport to servicing NATO and UN cargo planes. It was not until 2008 that the 1.5 million passenger mark was broken again. 

The terminal got a big facelift once more in 2005, but the biggest upgrade of all is due to be unveiled in July 2019. The opening of the new terminal will help Split cope with the massive increase in traffic, which now exceeds 3 million passengers a year.

For more information about Split Airport, visit the official airport website.

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