When are the public holidays in Croatia 2019? Learn more about the specific Croatian holidays and which facilities close or remain open. 

Public Holidays in Croatia 2019 – What closes and what stays open?

You are enjoying a perfect holiday and just want to pop into the bank to change some money to go on that fabulous boat trip. But what’s this? The bank is not open in the middle of the week and the middle of the summer!

There is nothing worse than being far from home on a public holiday when things do not work as you want them to (ok, there are worse things…). But to be forewarned means you are prepared, so here is a quick list of the public holidays in Croatia 2019.

Some of them are very international and need no explanation, while others are very specific to Croatia. Find a brief overview of the Croatian holidays below.

So what will happen on a public holiday in Croatia 2019? Well, the good news is that tourists will not see much of a change. This is a tourist country after all, which is an industry which generates 20% of GDP. Therefore it would make little sense for the tourism sector to take the day off. 

In general what happens is that banks and official institutions do close, but exchange offices and ATMs are open. And if you need to get that document for a residence permit… well, you will already be used to ‘come back tomorrow.’

Shops, bars, restaurants all stay open on public holidays. The possible exceptions are Christmas and New Year’s Day, but you will always find somewhere to find a drink in a reasonably-sized town. 

One thing to bear in mind is that Croatians love to extend their public holidays when there is an option, so if the public holiday occurs on a Thursday, it is not uncommon for companies or institutions to include the Friday as well. 

Having said all that, here are the 13 official public holidays in Croatia 2019.  

1 Jan Tue: New Year’s Day

6 Jan Sun: Epiphany

22 Apr Mon: Easter Monday

Easter is very late in 2019, and some people will be able to combine the school break with the next holiday – May Day.

1 May Wed: Labour Day

20 Jun Thu: Corpus Christi

22 Jun Sat: Anti-Fascist Resistance Day

June is a great time to be a worker in Croatia – no less than three public holidays in less than a week. 

Anti-Fascist Resistance Day dates back to the 1941 uprising of anti-fascist Partisans against German and Italian occupying troops. 

25 Jun Tue: Statehood Day

This is regarded as Croatia’s national day, and it remembers the 1991 declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. This followed a referendum the previous month, during which 94% voted to proclaim independence. 

5 Aug Mon: Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

Another relatively new public holiday for the Croatian calendar, Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day dates back to 1995 and the final push to end the Homeland War. It was an operation known as Operation Storm. 

15 Aug Thu: Assumption Day

8 Oct Tue: Independence Day

Another recent introduction to reflect Croatia’s recent separation from Yugoslavia, Independence Day commemorates the Croatian Parliament’s unanimous decision to secede from Yugoslavia.

1 Nov Fri: All Saints’ Day

25 Dec Wed: Christmas Day

26 Dec Thu: St Stephen’s Day