Losinj, the island of vitality. Meet Losinj airport – flights, panorama flights, transfers to Mali Losinj, and Nikola Tesla EV speed racing.


Getting to Losinj Airport

Getting to the airport on Losinj is fairly straightforward. The airport is located 13km north-west of the main tourist settlement of Mali Losinj and journey time is 15 minutes. If you are driving from Cres, simply cross the bridge onto Losinj and follow the signs. It is impossible to get lost.


Who flies to Losinj?

Losinj’s airport was founded in 1985, mostly for recreational sport. It is still used for that today, as well as servicing private planes to the island’s luxury hotels. A commercial aspect to this has been added recently, and there are now scheduled flights in the summer. Silver Air has partnered with Losinj Hotels and offer flights to Zagreb, Pula and even Italy. Here is the 2018 timetable to give you an idea.

Private transfers from the airport in Losinj

There are no taxis at the airport, so if you are looking for a private transfer, contact us at [email protected] Subject Losinj.

Losinj Panorama flights

losinj airport panorama

One increasingly popular activity at the airport in Losinj is taking a panorama flight. Prices start at 500 kuna for 15 minutes, and the small aircraft can accompany up to three passengers at a time. Learn more about taking a panorama flight.

Air taxis from Losinj

Destination  Price in EUR (€)


Pula    350.00

Rijeka 500.00


Pula    700.00

Rijeka 1100.00

Zadar 1250.00

Zagreb           1970.00

Split    1875.00

Dubrovnik    3900.00

Venezia         2000.00

Vienna           3900.00

Milano           3900.00

Rome 3625.00

Munich          4300.00

Belgrade       3625.00

*all prices include VAT

*prices do not include luxury tax

Published price LHV, web ZL Mali Losinj

Remarks (C-172/PA-28)

It’s possible to organize flights to other airports on request.

Price for flight – include (Max). 3 passengers

Additional charge for transfer to hotel 24,00 € / 180,00 kuna

Max. luggage weight 15 kg

Other flights available on request.

losinj airport terminal

What is the Losinj airport code?

The airport code on Losinj is LSZ.

Facilities at Losinj Airport

There are not many facilities as Losinj, but there is a bar and restaurant next door.

Speed racing with the Nikola Tesla EV Rally

One of the more unusual events in recent years at the airport has been the Nikola Tesla EV Rally, the quietest and cleanest rally in the world. One of the highlights of the rally each year has been the speed racing of up to 50 Teslas (and other electric vehicles) in a speed race at the airport on Losinj. Never bee in a speed race in a Tesla? It is something like this.

Losinj Airport – useful numbers

Airport Mali Lošinj. Privlaka 19, POB 61, 51550 Mali Lošinj, + 385 51 231666. [email protected]

March 26th – April 30th   every day      08:00 – 16:00 LT

May 1st – September 23th          every day      08:00 – 20:00 LT

September 24st – October 27th every day      08:00 – 16:00 LT

Winter period         every day      08:00 – 15:00 LT

For more information, check out the official airport website.

To get the latest flight news from Losinj and Croatia’s other airports, follow the TCN flights page.

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