Flights to Croatia are growing in popularity, and 2019 is set to be the busiest year yet. Here is what you know if you are flying to Croatia in 2019.

Flights to Croatia in 2019 – an overview

Announcements of new flights to Croatia are coming in daily, and it would appear that 2019 will be the hottest year yet. Croatia is officially IN!

Growth in the market has been phenomenal in the last five years, as more tourists are discovering one of the true gems of European tourism. With more than 10 million passengers handled last year, will 2019 be another record breaker for Croatia’s nine official airports?

Flights to Croatia are highly seasonal. Come in August and Split will be serving over 100 destinations. Come in January, and your choice will be a lot more limited.

Having said that, the season is getting longer, and the choice of destinations in the shoulder months from early March through late November is enviable, when one compares to the situation even five years ago.

To keep up with the very latest flight news from Croatia, check out the dedicated TCN flights page.

A Croatian holiday does not always mean a Croatian airport

But having said all that, do be aware of Croatia’s neighbours. For we live in the Age of the Millennial, and we have to keep on moving… The days of a two-week holiday in the same location are becoming increasingly rare.

Many tourists these days want to cram in as much as possible, and that often includes flying into one country and out of another. As such, when planning your holiday to Croatia, do check out the airports in neighbouring countries – you might just find a much cheaper combination.

Suggested airports to look at after years of living in the region? Venice and Trieste (Italy); Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenia); Graz (Austria); Budapest (Hungary); Belgrade (Serbia); Tuzla, Banja Luka, Mostar and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina); and Podgorica and Tivat (Montenegro).

Boom times at Croatia’s airports

But these really are boom times at Croatia’s airports. More than 10 million passengers in 2018, and with more predicted in 2019. New terminals in various stages of development in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, and Brac are testament to the growth. The trick now is how to spread that traffic into the shoulder months and beyond.

For an overview of the surge in passenger traffic in recent years, check out the chart below.


Split – a hot destination breaking all records

The new terminal in Split is scheduled to open in July 2019 and not a moment too soon!

The Dalmatian capital welcomed over 3 million passengers in 2018, about double the traffic just five years ago. For the latest news and an overview of Split Airport, check out the Total Croatia summary.

The Pearl of the Adriatic – flying to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a classic example of a regional airport which serves its neighbours well. The Montenegrin tourism business has been grateful for the presence of Dubrovnik Airport on its doorstep for some time now.

A new terminal opened in 2017, and expansion continues. The upgrade is matched by increasing interest in flights to Dubrovnik – more than 2.5 million passengers in 2018. Learn all you need to know about Dubrovnik Airport (and more).

A capital city transformed by the new Zagreb Airport

The opening of the new terminal at the Franjo Tudjman Zagreb Airport in March 2017 finally brought Zagreb in line with its regional neighbours on the aviation front.

The new, futuristic terminal is almost a symbol of the city which was named as Lonely Planet’s best city destination in 2017, and which has been Europe’s top Christmas market three years in a row.

While low-cost carriers are rare, Zagreb Airport has started to welcome a growing number of inter-continental carriers with schedule flights: Korean Air from Seoul; Qatar Airways from Doha; Emirates/Flydubai from Dubai; and Air Transat and Air Canada from Canada. Learn more about Zagreb Airport.

Ryanair and the Zadar love

Of all the airports and destinations in Europe which have been transformed by Ryanair, Zadar must be close to the top of the list. The arrival of the Irish budget carrier back in 2007 opened up the former Dalmatian capital to the world. ANd it has never looked back.

These days, Zadar is a top destination in its own right. Lonely Planet named it in the top 10 cities in Europe for 2019. Just as many people who fly to Zadar, however, do so for onward journeys to Split, Dubrovnik and the islands. All you need to know about Zadar Airport.

An airport reinvented – meet the Istrian diversity of Pula

Back in 2013, life at Pula Airport was good. The airport was busy in season, and about 40% of passengers came from Russia.

With EU entry on July 1, 2013, things changed. An EU visa requirement for Russians killed a very lucrative business. Pula was forced to diversify, and diversify it has! Almost double the traffic of just five years ago, and with a much more diverse destination portfolio. Here is how you will find Pula Airport these days.

Preparing for European City of Culture 2020 – Meet Rijeka Airport

Three of Croatia’s nine official airports lies on islands, and that includes Rijeka Airport, which lies on Krk.

Just 20 minutes away by car from the city, Rijeka Airport is growing in importance (and routes!). With Rijeka named as the European City of Culture 2020, expect even more flight announcements. All you need to know about Rijeka Airport.

The heartbeat of Slavonia and open for business – Osijek Airport

Eastern Croatia is served by Osijek, the main city in Slavonia, which lies on the Danube halfway between Zagreb and Belgrade.

Flights to Croatia may be booming in general, but Osijek is lagging behind. There was a lot of hope when Ryanair started a connection from London, which was supposed ot be all year. But the airline has since pulled out of Osijek, and today there are only a few flights.

There is SO much potential. All you need to know about Osijek.

A Croatian island to Europe direct – welcome to Brac!

Another Croatian airport success story in recent years is the island of Brac. The small airport almost closed down just three years ago, but new investment and a fresh strategy has transformed everything.

The airport is currently undergoing its second recent runway extension. And in 2018, it hosted direct flights from no less than seven countries. Find out more about the Brac Airport revolution.

The island of vitality and improving air connections – Losinj.

Passenger traffic on the island of Losinj may not match that of the bigger airports in Croatia, but the Island of Vitality is building up a nice luxury niche. Connected by air to various destinations within Croatia, you can also reach Losinj Airport from both Lugano and Venice in 2019. Find out more from Croatia’s smallest commercial airport.

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