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Nudist beaches in Croatia have been popular for a long time now. The country with such an abundance of hidden bays and beaches is nothing short of perfect for all those looking to get in touch with nature on their holiday.

Welcome to Nudist Croatia (or is it Naturists Croatia?)

Nudism or naturism is a philosophy emphasizing the importance of living in harmony with nature. It originated in early 20th century Germany and later spread throughout the western world. Today, nudism is more often accepted as a generic term for swimming naked, while naturism is associated with the actual philosophy. In Croatia, nudism has very early roots and this county's coast was one of the leading nudism destinations during the height of the popularity of this movement and in more modern times.

History of nudism in Croatia

The first really popular nudist beach in Croatia was on Rab island in 1936. In August of 1936, recently abdicated British king Edward VIII stayed on Rab together with his wife Mrs. Wallace Simpson. They got official approval from the local authorities to swim nude in one of the bays. To this day, the locals colloquially call the bay "the English Beach". However, various reports suggest naturism was a widely accepted thing on Rab way before this. In fact, it seems Croatians have welcomed naturist travellers as early as the beginning of the 20th century.

A real expansion of this travel segment in Croatia was during 1960’s with the advent of commercial naturalist resorts in Croatia. Koversada, close to Vrsar in Istria was the first naturalist resort in the country. It opened its doors in 1961 and expanded over the years becoming one of the most renowned naturalist resorts in Europe. Over the following few decades Croatia became the most popular nudist destination with plenty of camps, resorts and beaches catering to this demographic.  

Situation today

Unfortunately, it seems this trend is slowing down on Croatian coast and the country is moving away from officially targeting naturalist guests. More on this topic here. This doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of options out there for a great naturalist vacation. Nudist beaches in Croatia are often going to be marked as FKK beaches. This is the official abbreviation derived from German Freikörperkultur- free body culture.

Croatia Nudist Beaches Map

Of course, it is not all about life philosophies and going back to nature. Sometimes you just want to feel a bit freer while swimming in the warm waters of the Adriatic. For all those wishing to pay a visit to any of the nudist beaches around Croatia, here's a useful map:

Best nudist beaches in Croatia


Although we will talk more about Koversada in the camps’ section, it really deserves a place among the best nudist beaches in Croatia as well. World famous naturist camp Koversada has a few beautiful beaches and plenty of amenities. The area is mainly rocky, but the access to the water and sunbathing is made easy by some concrete areas. There are shaded areas and children beaches as well as a dog beach to choose from.  Koversada is rightfully renowned. If you are looking for a full service naturist bathing area, don’t miss out on Koversada near Vrsar.

Cuvi FKK, Rovinj

Cuvi beach is just south-east of Rovinj. It is a popular beach with a separate FKK section you will find when walking towards Villa Rubin Resort. The area is mostly rocky and pebbly. There are trees around so finding shade is not too difficult. Because of the layout and some amenities around like toilettes, sunbeds and parasols for hire (unfortunately some other amenities are in areas where you need to have clothes on), it is perfect for a full beach day.  

Zelena Laguna Nudist Camp Beach, Porec

Along with a regular shuttle boat from Porec to Zelena Laguna camp, accessing the area by car is the best choice. As this is a camp beach, it will have a small entrance charge for those that are not camp guests. On the positive note, the beach features amenities including showers, small restaurant and toilettes. Beach area is mostly rocky and paved with easy access to the sea. Surroundings provides plenty of shade. Entire complex offers all necessary comforts for beachgoers looking for a less wild beach going experience.

Sahara, LoparRab Island

Sahara beach, as the name jokingly suggests, is a completely sandy beach on Rab island’s north end. It is one of three naturist beaches near the village of Lopar – Sahara, Ciganka and Stolac. Sahara is accessed by boat of hiking trail. The hike can be a bit rough, so sturdy footwear is advised. For those willing to venture to it, Sahara will reward them with a picture perfect, sandy bay. The area offers plenty of shallows perfect for children and beach sports. It feels untouched and natural and provides a great setting for a nudist beach getaway.

Sabunike FKK, Nin

North of the charming historic town of Nin lies a long and flat beach called Sabunike. Northern part of the beach is a traditional FKK area famous with naturists for decades. The lack of proper nudist beach signage might be a bit confusing, but don’t let that deter you. Sabunike FKK beach is a sandy beach known for its seclusion and featuring lovely views to Pag Island.

Sveti Jerolim Island – Hvar Island

Sveti Jerolim is a tiny island off the coast of Hvar town, a part of Paklinski Islands archipelago. It is a renowned bathing area for nudists, even mentioned by CNN as one of the most attractive nudist beaches back in 2011. It’s beautiful rocky coast and pebbly swimming areas with plenty of shade around provide a perfect combination for a relaxing beach day. The only thing bothering some bathers is recent mixing of nudists and dressed beach goers which often downgrades the beach into clothing-optional as opposed to a full nude beach. However, there are plenty of hidden corners of Sveti Jerolim where you can find plenty of peace and privacy.

Donji Bili Bok, Proizd, Vela Luka, Korcula Island

Another tiny island off the coast of another island, Proizd is a true summer sanctuary, short boat ride away from Vela Luka on Korcula Island. The island itself features several beaches with the nudist Donji Bili Bok beach being approximately half a mile away from the shuttle boat mooring. The path to it will lead you through the woods. The beach itself is rocky and pebbly with amazing views out over the open, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

FKK beach on Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

Lokrum Island, off the coast of Dubrovnik’s historical centre is a perfect getaway spot, popular with locals and foreign visitors alike. On the island’s south-eastern end is a dedicated nudist swimming area. Lokrum is very rocky and this FKK beach is no exception, but worm, flat rocky areas actually make perfect sunbathing plateaus. Amazing view and beautiful natural setting will make this spot perfect for all the naturists. The beach also has a seasonal bar that was closed through 2020 and it is still uncertain if it will be open in 2021.

Where to Stay? Croatia Nudist camps and Resorts

When it comes to camps and resorts, Istria is the region to be in. Croatian coast has plenty of locations that are reserved for nudists or at least clothing optional, but when it comes to accommodation options aimed exclusively at naturists, Istria is the absolute winner.

Maistra Koversada Naturist Park, Vrsar

One of the first European dedicated naturist resorts, Koversada is legendary. Today, this meticulously run 3 star complex can house up to 5000 guests. It covers an area of 1 square kilometre and is less than 2 kilometres away from charming town of Vrsar. Accommodation is possible in the camping area whether you are coming with a motorised camper of with a tent. In fact, tent area is located on a separate islet where the original resort started. The islet is connected to the rest of the resort via a bridge. If you are not coming with your own camping gear or motor homes, you can rent one of the existing mobile homes or bungalows that are dotted around the resort. Most of the resort is pet friendly and there are entertainment options aimed for kids as well as adults.

In Koversada you will have all the amenities you need. There are several restaurants and bars, pastry shops, grocery stores and newspaper stands. Sport enthusiasts will love the tennis coutry, volleyball court and many other options for active holidays. Beaches are well cared for and regularly services. Koversada is a winner of blue flag – a recognition of top quality sea cleanliness. There are separate kids’ beaches and a dog beach as well.  

What towns to see when staying at Koversada Naturist Park?

Vrsar town is of course the first choice for visiting. There is a shuttle tourist train connecting Vrsar to Koversada so you won’t have any problems getting to it. This charming town is a historical settlement and attracts many guests, especially during the summer. Close by is the popular Vrsar Aeropark, where you might be able to book panoramic flights, sky diving or flights to Italy. 9 kilometres from Vrsar you will get to Porec. Porec is one of the most popular Istrian destinations and is a place well worth exploring. For all the details on Porec you need, check out our dedicated page.

FKK Bunculuka Camping Resort by Valamar

Close to a wonderful town of Baska on Krk island, Bunculuka 4 star naturist camp is a multi-award winning camping complex. With lovely coastline and camping ground covered by Mediterranean flora, Bunculuka is a great option for all those looking for a truly immersive experience. Aside from the camping pitches, there are over thirty mobile homes for rent for all those not travelling with camping vehicles or equipment. Camp is pet friendly and features dog washing stations.

Swimming is a joy with the Bunculuka naturist beach surrounded by karst hills, overlooking the nearby island of Prvic. Beach amenities include parasols and sun loungers, showers, kayak rentals and massage areas. There is a dog beach separate from the main one.

Sports facilities include tennin, table tennis and badmington courts. There are also mini golf, volleyball, bocce and basketball areas as well as bicycles for rent. Musical entertainment is available seasonally at the camp’s Boneta Bistro & Lounge. Bunculuka is close to other Valamar facilities in the area which are available, but are clothing mandatory.

What towns to see when staying at FKK Bunculuka?

Baska is very close to the camping resort and you will not miss it. It is a picture postcard town with quite a bit of history to it. Don’t miss its historical centre and church of St. Lucy (Sveta Lucija). Speaking of history, town of Krk is a beautiful place. It is the main settlement on Krk island and well worth devoting a day of your holiday to. There are historical ruins in Krk dating back to the times of Ancient Rome. Out of several medieval buildings worth mentioning, Frankopan castle is the most popular. Of course, it’s not all ancient history in Krk. The town is a popular travel destination with lovely areas to visit, good dining options and some day trip options as well.

FKK Sovinje Naturist Camping

On Island of Pasman, near town of Tkon is a small, but lovely naturist camp Sovinje. With its capacity of around 400 guests, it is one of the smaller on this list, but lovely its lovely beach, accommodation under pine and olive trees, and beautiful location make it well worth your time. FKK Sovinje offer camping pitches close to the water in lovely shaded area. Along with these, there are a few accommodation units in the form of mobile homes and glamping tents. This camp is kids friendly and pet friendly.

There are not many amenities in the camp, but there are still some like beach volleyball court, table tennis facilities, basketball court, children’s court and bicycles for rent. The beach I a lovely pebbled beach and offer amazing setting for an unforgettable vacation. There are no restaurant facilities in the camp, but there is a shared barbecue area.

What towns to see when staying at FKK Sovinje?

Tkon is a charming town on Pasman island, popular with the nearby Biograd on the mainland. Tkon has plenty of amenities for a short stay and some beautiful beaches (textile beaches) around. It is well connected by regular Jadrolinija ferry to Biograd. More info on that route is available here. Biograd or Biograd na Moru as it is also called, is a historic town in northern Dalmatia. It was once a capital city of Kingdom of Croatia. Today, this town of almost 600 people is a popular summer destination for many making their way to Croatian coast. It is worth the visit for its rich history, lovely restaurants and seaside bars and local tourist amenities.

Valamar Naturist Resort Solaris

Another famous nudist camp, this one 12 kilometres from Porec. Solaris features amazing animation and entertainment options for adults and kids alike. It is a large camp with the capacity of over 4000 guests. Camping pitches are in a lovely wooded area and options for those looking for on-site accommodation include mobile houses, apartments and bungalows. Solaris is a 3 star camp and a holder of coveted ADAC “Yellow Flag” quality certificate.

Its beaches are in great condition and feature all the necessary amenities. There are showers, parasols, sung beds and toilettes available. Dining options include several restaurants and pizzerias and there are bars, newspaper stands and grocery stores to choose from as well. Valamar’s food delivery service Valfresko Direkt is available to deliver food directly to the apartment or your camping area. Sport amenities include beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, miniature golf, pool and many other. Massage area is also available to the camp guests.

What towns to see when staying at Naturist Resort Solaris?

Close to the resort is Porec, which we already mentioned in this text. This amazing Istrian destination is a must-see for any visitors to Solaris. For all the details on Porec you need, check out our dedicated page. If you are after more low key seaside towns, give Novigrad a go. This historical town, once a fishing village, will charm you with its picture perfect historical centre. It is a perfect place for enjoying by the sea and exploring with no particular itinerary or time constraints. Close to Novigrad is Istralandia – region’s first ever aqua-park. This might be a good option for those with children especially.

Valalta FKK Naturist Camping

This 4 star naturist camping resort sits close to town of Rovinj and Lim Channel. It offers great options for camping sites and its own accommodation along over 4 kilometres of breath-taking coastline. Established in the 1960’s, Valalta has a reputation to uphold and it does so splendidly. Accommodation units are available on site and range from apartments and bungalows to charming mobile homes. Camp is perfect for families with children and offers plenty of amenities to support this claim. Interestingly, unlike all the other camps on this list, Valalta does not allow pets.

When it comes to amenities, this resort is difficult to beat. Food and beverage is a special focus with camp featuring a number of restaurants, pizzerias and bars. Valalta also offers freshly baked bread on site as well as their own craft beer brewery! Swimming will not be a problem as the resort features two pools and a separate children pool along with 4 kilometres of beach area. Sports are available with tennis, basketball, football, bowling, miniature golf, outdoor fitness and many more options to choose from.

What towns to see when staying at Naturist Resort Solaris?

Along with the nearby Vrsar we already mentioned in this section, think about visiting Lim channel, Istria’s most famous oyster and mussels growing area. To be so close to it and not indulge in some fresh sea food, straight from the source, would be a real shame. Just south of the resort lies Rovinj. One of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, Rovinj is a destination you shouldn’t deny yourself. It is worth visiting or staying a few extra nights in. With plenty of history and attractions, Rovinj will make you want to stay indefinitely. Thankfully, everything you need to know about it, you can read in out dedicated Rovinj page.

What not to do in Croatia as a nudist?

Nudism or naturism is a way of life for some people and for some a philosophy worth respecting. With this in mind, it is clear there is a community around it. As any other community, naturists have their own rules of conduct. For those who already know them, it make sense to remind themselves of some basic rules. For those simply wishing to give the naturist way of swimming or vacationing a try, it is important to know how to be respectful and mindful of others.

Naturist Rules of Conduct

Naturism is a peaceful and positive philosophy, but this doesn’t mean there are no rules to follow. This is especially important in areas like beaches and camps that are open to all. Many times, families with small children will be visiting these places and it is always especially important to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Most of the rules are common sense. The first one is simple: Be respectful. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. It makes sense that you would conduct yourself in a way that you would want others around you to conduct themselves.

Don’t stare. Another simple one. Making eye contact and looking towards a person is normal in a naturist setting as much as in a non-naturist one. But, gawking at someone, especially at their bodies is weird and feels threatening.

Use towels in common areas. If you are using furniture or other equipment in a common areas of the beach or resort, make sure to put a towel down before you sit down or lie down. Everybody is comfortable with your naked body, but they might not be with your sweat on the chair they are planning to use after you.

Don't take photographs or videos in naturist areas. It is one thing to take a quick selfie or a picture of the view from the beach, but if those photos contain other naked people, especially children, you are best deleting them. You never got anyone’s permission to film or photograph them and until you do, maybe pass on taking photos in public naturist areas.

Respect personal space and noise levels on beaches and in camps.

Make sure to learn about specific camp rules when booking your stay and follow those as well.

Few things to keep in mind if you are a naturist visiting Croatia

There are rules to adhere to when you are visiting a naturist-only areas, but the same is true when naturists visit areas outside of their designated beaches or camps. In some European countries, city parks can be places to sunbathe topless of even in the nude. This is not the case in Croatia. Avoid being partially or completely naked in public areas of urban settlements. Many towns, villages or cities along the coast are historical settlements with old places of worship, some of which are still active. Walking around these areas in topless or even in bikinis is frowned upon and in some places can even incur a fine. This is the case in historical centre of Dubrovnik with the recent adoption of the Respect the City program.

Businesses in areas close to FKK beaches or specialised nudist camps that are not themselves organised as nudist areas will generally frown upon naked people entering their places of business. If the staff or the owners don’t have a problem with nudity themselves, other guests or customers might. So, make sure to get the necessary information about where the nudist area ends once you arrive at your camp or beach.

More Information

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