Where to get Croatian insurance to cover you for your car, home, health and travel? A look at the options and companies in the market.

Health insurance in Croatia

If you are moving to Croatia, you must obtain health insurance. This can be done via the state health provider, HZZO. The process is not complicated and is the next stip after you have registered your stay with the police. This is what you need to do.

Holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are covered in Croatia. They must simply present the card to the hospital or clinic they are visiting. If you do not already have one, you can download your EHIC here.

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has its own advice on health insurance for visitors.

Looking for travel insurance for Croatia?

Some travellers do, and some travellers don’t. Whether or not you buy travel insurance for Croatia may largely depend on where you are from. EHIC card holders are covered, but citizens from most non-EU companies are not.

There are many travel insurance companies out there, but here are the best from 2018.

Where to get your Croatian car insured

Lots of foreigners living in Croatia or having a holiday home here would like to have their foreign car in Croatia. While technically, you can insure the car via Croatian insurance (I have done it), in practice, this does not work as a long-term solution.

The main reason for this is that the car needs to have its M.O.T. (technical inspection), and this is done in the country where the car is registered. It is a long drive back to England each year.

It is much simpler to import your car to Croatia. A step by step guide on the car importing process.

The Croatian insurance market is pretty competitive, and you can find a list of providers below. Annual insurance can be paid monthly.

Home contents insurance for Croatia

A lot of foreign property owners want to insure their holiday homes. While there are Croatian options on the market, it is more cost-effective to insure through foreign companies in my experience. One company with a lot of experience in the Croatian home contents insurance market is Devon Direct.

Who are the biggest Croatian insurance companies?

AGRAM LIFE osiguranje

Trnjanska cesta 108, Zagreb,  www.agramlife.hr    01/600 4400


Heinzelova 70, Zagreb,     www.allianz.hr  01/3670 367

CROATIA osiguranje

Vatroslava Jagića 33, Zagreb,     www.crosig.hr 01/6332 000

ERGO osiguranje

Radnička cesta 80, Zagreb,   www.ergo-osiguranje.hr   01/6397 640

ERGO životno osiguranje

Radnička cesta 80, Zagreb,   www.ergo-osiguranje.hr 01/6397 640

EUROHERC osiguranje

Ulica grada Vukovara 282, Zagreb,   www.euroherc.hr 01/6004 001


Ulica grada Vukovara 284, Zagreb, www.generali.hr 01/4600 400

GRAWE Hrvatska

Ulica grada Vukovara 5, Zagreb,   www.grawe.hr 01/3034 000


Capraška ulica 6, Zagreb, www.hok-osiguranje.hr 01/5392 500

Hrvatsko kreditno osiguranje

Bednjanska 14, Zagreb, www.hkosig.hr 01/4591 542


Trpinjska 9, Zagreb, www.izvorosiguranje.hr   01/3839350


Listopadska 2/V, Zagreb, www.jadransko.hr 01/3036 001


Ulica kneza Ljudevita Posavskog 31, Zagreb, www.merkur.hr 01/6308 333

OTP Osiguranje

Ulica grada Vukovara 284, Zagreb, www.sgosiguranje.hr 01/6327 944


Antuna Heinza 4, Zagreb, www.triglav-osiguranje.hr   01/5632 777

UNIQA osiguranje

Planinska 13 A, Zagreb, www.uniqa.hr 01/6324 200

Wiener osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group

Slovenska ulica 24, Zagreb, www.wiener.hr 01/3718600

Wüstenrot životno osiguranje

Heinzelova 33a, Zagreb, www.wuestenrot-osiguranje.hr 01/5005850