Brac Airport is undergoing a great revival, including more direct international flights. All you need to know about destinations, transfers, taxis and parking.

brac airport to supetar

Driving to Brac Airport

The drive from the airport to Bol is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Descend from the 541m of the airport, with gorgeous Hvar and the Adriatic in the background. Then arrival in Bol – what a way to start a holiday! Driving to and from the airport is not complicated. Island roads are not the best in the world, so pay attention. Driving times to Supetar are 35 minutes, and 20 minutes to Bol.

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Taxi options to Brac Airport

There is no guarantee of taxis being available on arrival. If you would like to organise a private transfer to be sure of comfortable onward travel, please contact us at [email protected] Subject Brac.

Airport parking on Brac

brac airport parking

There is free parking at the airport. The parking area is not covered, but there is 24-hour video surveillance.

Private Transfers to Brac Airport

If you are looking for a private transfer to or from the airport, contact us on n[email protected] Subject Brac.

Who flies to Brac?

brac airport flights

In addition to the regular flights to Zagreb, Brac has succeeded in attracting a growing number of international direct destinations. 2018 saw connections to four cities in Austria (Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck and Linz), as well as Brussels, Rotterdam, Luxemburg, Ljubljana and Deauville in Normandy.

There are currently five airlines flying to Brac – Croatia Airlines, Czech Airlines, Adria, TUI and Luxair.

The 2018 timetable is online to give an idea of flights as we wait for the new season.

As you can see from the statistics over the last 20 years or so, the recent turnaround of the airport’s passenger traffic is returning to – and exceeding – the numbers at the beginning of the century.

Car Rental at Brac Airport

There is no car rental company based at the airport, but there are several providers on the island. You can arrange for collection of the rental car to coincide with your arrival.

What is the airport code for Brac?

The airport code for Brac is BWK.

 Brac Airport Terminal – what facilities are there?

brac airport shop

The airport terminal on Brac is small, but it is pleasant enough. There is a shop for your souvenirs, as well as a cafe. The cafe also offers a play area for the little ones so that adults can relax before the flight. The cafe works the same hours as the airport.

It is also possible to organise a tour of the airport behind the scenes by prior appointment. The tour costs 20 kuna per person and lasts about 20 minutes. Contact the commercial department on +385 21 559 711 or [email protected] for more information.

Hotels near Brac Airport

brac airport terminal

There are no hotels at the airport. For the best accommodation options, head to Bol, Supetar or other Brac towns and villages.

 Brac Airport expansion plans

brac airport expansion

The Brac runway was recently extended to 1,760 metres, with the island airport welcoming direct flights from no less than 6 European countries in the summer of 2018. The next phase of expansion is scheduled to be completed by 2021. This will include a new terminal, an expanded runway to 2,400 metres. The runway will also be widened from the current 30m to 45m. It will therefore be able to handle three large aircraft at the same time. More information on the expansion of the airport in this recent article by TCN.

 Brac Airport – useful numbers

Airport Bra─Ź d.o.o. Headquarters – Gornji Humac 145, 21414 Gornji Humac

For mail delivery: PP33, 21400 Supetar +385 (0)21 559 701 [email protected]

History of Brac Airport

brac airport terminal outside

Brac is the youngest commercial airport in Croatia. Initially conceived back in 1990 for tourism, sports and supply. It opened in 1992, with an initial runway which was just 1,200 metres long and 30 metres wide. It was then extended and a new passenger terminal appeared in 2007. While initially successful, the numbers declined sharply after 2001, and there was even talk of closing the airport altogether just a few years ago.

Thankfully, some increased investment, including from the company which has revitalised Bol (Bluesun Hotels and Stina winery are also in the portfolio), led to a change of fortune. The runway was extended to 1,760 metres, and it can now take Boeing 737-300 aircraft. As a result, 2018 saw a number of direct international flights from 6 countries. Investment will continue (see above), with a runway of 2,400 metres to be in operation by 2021.

For the latest flight news to Brac and the rest of Croatia, check out the dedicated TCN flights page.

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