Author Paul Bradbury

Croatia is a pristine paradise, but like most of the planet these days, the environment in Croatia is under threat. A look at issues & local action groups.

Living in Croatia is a much different experience to a summer holiday. Some tips of paperwork, finding a home, job, friends, bank account, internet and more.

Looking to get a work and residence permit, or open a Croatian company? A journey through the bureaucratic minefield with a foreigner who managed to do it.

At some point during your time here, you will have contact with Croatian banks. How to open an account, apply for a loan, change money, and more.

A look at the weather in Croatia: What will the sea and air temperature be on your holiday, weather records in Croatia, and meet the bura and jugo winds.

Buying property in Croatia? There are some great deals, but BE careful. The buying process, useful websites, rental law, property management & legal advice.

The Croatian language is not an easy one to learn, but why not try? How and where to learn, a look at those pesky dialects and some common mistakes.

Doing business in Croatia has brought heartache to countless foreign investors. There are many horror stories, but success is possible. Here's how.

Tipping in Croatia - should you? How much, when and where? A look at tipping culture from both the customer and the waiter, and meet the Book of Complaints.

Croatian olive oil is among the best in the world. Where to buy it, how to taste it, olive harvest opportunities, and Istrian oil compared to Dalmatia.

Croatian food made global headlines when Anthony Bourdain discovered it in 2012. Recipes, regions, restaurants, festivals, traditions and UNESCO heritage.

Looking for accommodation in Croatia? Some thoughts on hotels, hostels, villas, private accommodation, camping, glamping, and the legals.

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