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A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, all you need to know about Plitvice Lakes, one of Croatia's top attractions. Tickets, sights, accommodation & tips.

Did you know more than 10% of the country is given over to nature and national parks of Croatia? Where they are, how to get there and what you need to know.

Weddings in Croatia are becoming increasingly popular. An overview of locations, traditions, and the paperwork required getting married in Croatia.

Croatian sports are part of the national religion. Croatia has a rich history of sporting success on the global stage. Learn more about its main sports.

A guide to finding the best beaches in Croatia. Beaches for pets, kids and naturists. How long is the swimming season and how to check sea temperatures?

Game of Thrones Croatia has become a standard phrase in recent years. A look at where the hit HBO series meets the Adriatic: tours, locations & souvenirs.

All you need to know about car rental in Croatia: Who can rent, crossing borders, one-way rental, rental company directory & Croatian road regulations.

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia. It is much more than that as all who venture here discover as soon as they walk its ancient streets. This historical city is a place where the true spirit of the Mediterranean still lives on. Split is also a gateway to all the wonders of the Croatian region of Dalmatia. Discover its historical centre and beautiful islands, explore its narrow streets full of life and give yourself over to the local lifestyle.

Taking a taxi in Croatia? Some tips to avoid being ripped off, taxi contact details in all the major cities, and the role of Uber and UberBOAT

All you need to know about driving in Croatia: laws, regulations, motorways, car rental, emergency assistance, alcohol, webcams, and electric charging.

Taking the bus in Croatia is still the most popular way of getting around. The routes are extensive, even in 2021. Find out more about routes, tickets, tips, and timetables.

Crossing the border from Bosnia to Croatia, all you need to know. The pandemic, car insurance, documents, the migrant crisis, shopping, and the Neum corridor.

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