Author Paul Bradbury

Cycling in Croatia is growing in popularity. A look at why Croatia is the new cycling hot spot: biking tips including where, why, how and when to cycle.

Why health tourism in Croatia makes sense for your body, wallet, and the chance to combine a fabulous holiday with the savings. From dental to stem cell.

A look at religion in Croatia, a very Catholic country. Other faiths, holy days, religious education in school, politics and the Catholic Church.

Croatia may be a small country, Croatian inventions and discoveries have shaped the world over the ages. From Nikola Tesla to Mate Rimac and much more.

A look at the turbulent Croatian politics and history of this newly independent state. Just over 30 years old, modern Croatia has had quite a start.

Where to get Croatian insurance to cover you for your car, home, health and travel? A look at the options and companies in the market.

Filming in Croatia has a tradition which pre-dates Game of Thrones by almost a century. Many a famous movie was shot here: a look at locations and movies.

The Croatian diaspora is spread all over the world. A history of emigration, the size of emigre communities & a complicated relationship with the homeland.

You have more than 1,000 Croatian islands to choose from: which one is for you? An overview, practical advice and hidden tips from a Brit who lived for 13 years on a Croatian island.

Closed to the world until 1991, Vis is for many Dalmatia's most charming island. Military history, a fascinating cricket story and much more. Discover Vis!

A Dalmatian island that has it all: welcome to Brač. From stone for The White House and a UNESCO diet to Dragon's Cave and Blaca Monastery

Krka National Park has it all: waterfalls, nature, monasteries, Roman heritage, Neolithic caves, eco-ethno villages. Find how to make the most of your trip.

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