Dubrovnik -The City Bell Tower -The Clock Tower

by Natasa Lujic

Originally, this clock tower was built by the locals in the 15th century. It wasn't damaged during none of the earthquakes, however, threatening to topple over, it was pulled down in 1906, and again rebuilt in 1929 by Pasko Baletin, and under the sponsorship of Pasko Baburica.

At that point perhaps the digital clock was inserted into its stem. The clock itself resembles an octopus. The city clock tower used to be a part of the Rectors Palace, however, today, the tower, 31 meters high stands separately from it, and it was built in a renaissance style with some gothic elements. Next to the clock tower there is the old city bell tower, a 1952 reproduction of the 15th century original.

It was built by the brothers Solari. On top of the tower you may see so called "Zelenci" (Maro and Baro) hammer out the hours as they have done since the 15th century. Maro and Baro are two soldiers made of bronze. Today's Maro and Baro are clones of the originals, which are kept in the atrium of Sponza Palace. The bell was made by John the Baptist of Rab.

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